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I have been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1996 having completed a full time three year training course. I am a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and I teach in St Leonards, Hastings and Bexhill.

I was twenty four when I started to experience lower back pain and though difficult at the time it led me towards the Alexander Technique, which changed my life. It has successfully helped me through pregnancy and allows me to enjoy hobbies such as walking, Morris dancing, tai chi and yoga. Having been a pupil myself I’ve learned to undo my patterns of excess tension whilst carrying out everyday activities and discovered how balancing the head with the spine affects the efficiency of everything I do. This is particularly important for me as I have Osteoporosis in my lower spine.

All of this has made me passionate about the Alexander Technique and teaching it to others.

Although my introduction to the Alexander Technique came about with my back pain, my passion with Alexander work also revolves around the potential we have for healthy living and really enjoying what we do. Maintaining mobility and keeping my independence for as long as I can is important to me and I believe Alexander’s discoveries with movement can help anyone whatever constraints they may have. My role models include some of the first generation Alexander Technique teachers who lived to be in their nineties and managed all three. I hope to emulate that!


We invited Liz to come and give a presentation to our staff team in order to complement our commitment to employees to provide a safe working environment.   Liz gave an engaging and interactive presentation which had us all observing one another’s postures and which challenged us think more intentionally about our habits when sitting at our workstations.   The staff loved her presentation and there was a real buzz in the office afterwards as everybody encouraged one another to remember their “sitting bones”!   Liz also provided some one-to-one sessions with staff at their desks and advised on some corrective interventions to improve posture.   We thoroughly recommend Liz in her work with the Alexander Technique.   She is a confident an professional presenter and extremely knowledgeable in her field.

Stella Ellwood, Essential Christian, Uckfield
“Being taught the Alexander Technique by Liz has reduced the pain in my back and improved my riding position – thus helping both me and my horse.”
CB Sedlescombe
“The Alexander Techniques I have learned have undoubtedly relieved neck and shoulder pains induced by my work as a Dental Surgeon.”
MB Robertsbridge
“Through Liz’s attentive teaching I am now aware of how to stand and move when I am painting without holding tension in my shoulders and right arm. I am also walking and sitting with more fluidity.”
RC Sedlescombe
“I have been under Liz’s guidance for over 2 years, during which time I have experienced an improvement in lung capacity and have learned to adopt a more comfortable , relaxing posture.”
PT Bexhill
“As a guitar teacher and player Alexander Technique sessions with Liz have been really beneficial and have had positive effects in a number of areas – learning simple posture techniques have meant less strain and tiredness from teaching and demonstrating, the ability to learn more quickly and in greater depth has been enhanced by reducing inner tensions and self-imposed limitations; the effect on my own playing has been to allow more flow and freedom and consequent enjoyment (for me if not the audience!) I can recommend AT lessons to any musician at whatever level.”
PT Hastings