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Onsite Workstation Assessments with Posture Training

How To Work Comfortably At Your Desk

Back pain is the second highest reason for absenteeism in the work place.  Ensuring that office workers are working within the Health and Safety Regulations 1992 will help eliminate the possible causes of back ache, neck ache and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

The visit to your office will include:

  • Evaluation of the workstation and recommendations
  • Evaluation of work activities
  • How To Use Yourself Well

How posture plays a part in working comfortably reducing excess tension which may be the cause of discomfort and pain

Fee:  £75.00 per hour


Huge thanks to Liz Jeffries (and George) at MovingU4ward for a fantastic ergonomic assessment for each member of the team today. What a difference a few changes will make! Highly recommended to ensure everyone’s posture, movement and desk set up is as good as it can be to minimise back and neck pain. ‪#‎ergonomics‬” Emma in Bexhill