The 3Ps – Posture

The Alexander Technique seeks to address postural problems by getting the body back in balance and in alignment. As we get older certain signs of aging can occur, such as a rounded or ‘humped’ back, leading to a shortening of stature.

With the Alexander Technique it is possible to avoid this compression of the spine. When we undo some of the postural habits that can lead to these problems we can experience a freedom and lightness of the body. Our co-ordination is improved and we can become more poised.

The Alexander Technique is particularly useful as an aid to recovery after surgery. If we sustain an injury, we often begin to move in a different way to compensate for the pain. This usually interferes with the delicate balance of the body. Even after surgery we will continue to move in this harmful way because the body has got used to behaving as such. With the Technique you can learn to get rid of the postural habits that begin to creep in and which can lead to problems later on.

Ante and post natal stages of pregnancy is another area in which the Technique can offer significant help. The deeper breathing associated with the Technique helps in the pre birth stage and the Technique can help with lower back pain often associated with the later stages of pregnancy. It is also invaluable in preventing poor postural habits that can come when feeding, changing nappies and lifting the baby.

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