The 3Ps – Performance

Alexander’s key discovery was that how we ‘use’ ourselves determines not only how free of tension we are, but also how this makes us more effective in our everyday lives. The Alexander Technique is taught in all the major drama and music academies because it encourages a more aligned posture, thereby enabling deeper breathing to allow the voice its natural full rein in volume, resonance and pitch, all without any force.

A better, well-balanced body is also of great assistance in the playing of musical instruments. This makes the Alexander Technique a very useful tool for those involved in the arts and in any form of presentational speaking.

It is also very useful as a means of managing nerves for those big occasions.

The Alexander Technique enables you to keep a cool head, think on your feet and present your subject and yourself with poise and confidence. Its value is increasingly recognised in business and it is used by a wide range of companies, including ICI, The Guardian, BBC, Chanel, Hewlett Packard, The British Library and the Civil Service.


There are numerous sports where the Technique has proven to be of real benefit, particularly with the following:

  • Golf
  • Skiing
  • Horseriding
  • Swimming
  • Running

Indeed two of the GB Olympic gold medal coxless four rowing team in Athens 2004 had Alexander lessons.