An Alexander Positive Spin On A Calamity

This time last year I was getting ready to see family in Australia. So, you can imagine just how much
I am enjoying our weather at the moment. NOT!
One of our lovely trips was down the Mildura River by luxury houseboat, including a spa. The first
night on board I managed to slip on a slipway going into the river and ended up in hospital have
broken my wrist in four places. No spa for me.
You may think this was a calamity. At the time it felt like it, but as a result of the break, when I got
home, I was sent for a bone scan, which showed that I had Osteoporosis in my spine. If I had not
broken my wrist I would never have known and not been able to take remedial measures. Balance
and co-ordination take on a more profound meaning for me know and I am so pleased I have my
Alexander Technique training to help me in this respect. If you would like to know more do get in


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